was all the worthy web apps which supports men & women in getting fit even in home, during this pandemic situation CLICK HERE DEMO SITE

What it does

It suggests you a diet plan. It teaches about various postures in yoga . Gives awareness about diseases . It keeps tracks on the tasks to be completed. Helps in reading & creating blogs. Gives a VR experience of being in a park & outdoor.

How we built it

using PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, tailwind, a-frame(VR), Blender3D

Challenges we ran into

We had less time to finish load of work. Also, the hosting issue was the supreme one for this project for the utilization of the VR.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Uplifting men & women who cannot afford to go to gym & yoga center.

What we learned

Even a web app could support human in his health.

What's next for CLUB OF FITNESS

Making Indians Fit :-)

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