School clubs sometimes have difficulty managing budgets for various activities, especially if the club has a monthly membership fee. We felt that having a webpage that can act as a ledger and maintain a list of active members will help with this problem.

What it does

Webpage Features:

  • Displays current budget based on previous Transactions, as well as details for each Transaction
  • Allows User to add and delete Transactions
  • Displays current Club Members and whether they are active or inactive
  • Allows User to add and delete Members
  • Allows User to set Members to Active, which automatically creates a new Transaction
  • Active Members will automatically be set to inactive, after a month has passed

How we built it

  • Webpage layout and behavior built with React.js, CSS, HTML
  • Connection between Webpage and server built with Spring REST
  • Database and Webpage hosted on Linode
  • With determination to finish our project and preserverance to get there

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Spring REST API to communicate to our database for the first time
  • Making a website that is responsive to HTTP request
  • Using Linode for the first time
  • Fighting off sleep while coding

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Writing front-end and back-end in different languages
  • Building a well-designed responsive webpage from scratch

What we learned

  • How HTTP request/response works
  • How to host a project on Linode
  • How to use Insomnia to test HTTP response
  • How to juggle between work and Hackathon

What's next for Club Ledger App

  • Account Feature, allowing the management of multiple clubs
  • Ability to filter Transactions by Date
  • Ability to filter Members by activity
  • Ability to toggle a Member's activity, without adding a new Transaction
  • Ability to set Membership Fee
  • Ability to edit Webpage layout and content

Special Notes

  • Our public build for display:
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