As seniors in high school, on the pathway to our higher education, we experienced the difficulties of choosing a college that fits our needs and desires. Our interests play a major role in our journey through college. The clubs and organizations offered at the university help us stay involved in our passions and enhance our college life. Throughout our college researches, we could not find one place, even for one university alone, with all details about the clubs and their events.

What it does

The multiple pages on our iOS app allow users to:

  1. Keep track of events hosted by clubs they participate in or are interested in on a Calendar. Users will only be notified by clubs they choose to turn on notifications for; no spam!
  2. Students can Explore the clubs offered at potential schools they are interested in and travel further in their searches by reading the specific descriptions for each organization.
  3. Leaders can manage their organizations by adding events.

Challenges we ran into

Our entire team was unfamiliar with Xcode and Swift, so a majority of our time was spent exploring the application, but through the help of online tutorials, and trial and error we turned our visions into reality. The app is not yet fully functional, however, we pushed our way through each and every obstacle and worked to the best of our abilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Following the advice of the mentors, we wireframed our app layout and flow. We also took advantage of the whiteboards to outline our application allowing the actual coding process to move along smoother.

What's next for Club Hop

There are still many useful features that could be added to the app in order to allow it to run to its full potential. In the future, we plan to add a chat room option for messaging officers of clubs. This way there is an emphasized link between all students, enabling easy and fast communication. In addition, students will be able to mark their availability for each event. In addition, we will add a My School tab for easy access to their own school and its events. Lastly, we plan to add an option for high school where students can view various high schools and their events. This helps freshman especially because they are made aware of the variety of clubs offered at their future high school.

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