Ever have trouble with organization for your school club? Having trouble quickly and efficiently locating various club resources on all the different platforms you need Remind, Google Classroom, Discord, email, etc? Welcome to Club Conquest. This website combines all the resources you need to give teachers the ultimate club organization experience. Hi. my name is Srinidhi Venkatesh, my name is Pragya Singh, and my name is Vasumathi Venkat. As high school students and club officers ourselves, we have worked closely with the club advisors of our school and we know how difficult it is for our teachers, especially during this pandemic to maintain club normalcy. We want to help them with this challenge.

What it does

Club Conquest creates a simple website that provides club organization for club advisors. They can access a club overview, add and view a student roster along with participation hours, and keep a list of to-do events for their club. How we built it Here is our login page. If you don’t have an account you can also sign up. After logging in, you reach the club overview page, a summary of relevant details for your club. You can also edit and update this information. We can navigate to the student roster, where you see a table of students and their information, such as grade and hours. You can also add a student or post attendance through this form, which will be updated in the student attendance function using a database. Our other main function is the activity list. Using a database, we have created a to-do list capability, which allows you to add upcoming events and meetings and delete old ones with the tap of a button.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our team’s first hackathon, we had to start from scratch to learn all of the code. We decided to work with raw JS, HTML, and CSS, which were completely new languages for all of us. This gave us a huge learning curve to overcome to get our website functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We each overcame our own hurdles to create the product. Some of our greatest accomplishments include learning how to use local Storage, cookies, and a basic database system to get our website functional. Also learning the basic HTML, CSS, and JS from scratch for this project was a huge accomplishment.

What we learned

Although we faced a lot of challenges along the way, we learned basic HTML, CSS, and JS from scratch, learned the basics of HTML forms, cookies, CSS, JS databases, local storage in JS, and many other bugs along the way. Most of all, we learned basic coding with HTML, CSS, and JS and learned basic web design.

What's next for Club Conquest...

In the future, we would like to add more support for different types of clubs and activities using react or bootstrap.

Built With

We built Club Conquest using HTML, CSS, and JS using Visual Studio Code and

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