Choosing and finding the right outfit for the type of day can take a bit of time out of one's morning, so we wanted to make something that cuts this time down.

What it does

The CloZip companion app selects an outfit for each day based on weather forecast and user usage statistics, including day of the week and weather. Outfits can be decided either by the app or by the user - typically the night before - and the clothes rack will rotate through the chosen clothes in the morning. Additionally, the companion app also allows users to save their favorite outfit combinations for quick selection.

How we built it

Companion App The companion app was built in Android Developer Studio

Arduino Code The Arduino uses an Adafruit Motor Shield v2.3 with a 5v DC Motor and an HC-06 Bluetooth receiver. Although the CloZip app was not integrated with Bluetooth communication due to time constraints, a placeholder example app is used for this demonstration to show the motor's functionality.

Hardware The hardware was built from spare parts and duct tape. These include a banner tripod, a vitamin jar, a pair of crutches, a lazy susan, a water heater dish, and many, many screws.

Challenges we ran into

Coding This was the first experience in ADS for all of our team members, so much of the issues we ran into was learning the tools. As such, there were some features that aren't fully polished. Implementing the object oriented design was a difficult task, where variable types conflicted, including a particular case where a global variable was not declared.

Building Most of our supplies were not located within Santa Cruz, including many motors and wheels, so parts had to be salvaged from what was around us. The largest issue was ensuring the motor had proper and consistent contact with the pan, particularly under weight.

Logistics The house we were working in had a water leak on the third floor that made its way through each floor of the house. Luckily, our equipment was not damaged, but we did have to allocate time to work with repairs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating a functioning Android app with no previous exposure to the SDK, as well as throwing together a rough prototype with parts on hand.

What we learned

We learned how to make Android apps, work with Bluetooth hardware, and use a motor shield

What's next for CloZip

The next goal for CloZip would be integrating the app and rack through Bluetooth support

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