Safety should be everyone's priority! ClownSpotter helps you find out where those hostile clowns are and where they are conducting their funny business!

What it does

ClownSpotter lets you submit sightings of clowns in your area! Just fill in the date and location to help keep our map up to date. Look at where the clowns have been spotted all across the globe!

How we built it

We used Flask as the web framework, implemented a database in MongoDB and used Bootstrap to give more live to our ClownSpotter web app!

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack of knowledge in different technologies.
  • Not being familiar with the clarifai API beforehand.
  • Being scared of clowns.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of our team members know how to use pull and push now! We learned a lot and we had fun this weekend. We are happy we got to participate and help the world prevent scary clown encounters.

What we learned

Learned how web servers work in tandem with databases through the use of rest endpoints and learned how to appreciate the user friendliness of MongoDB. We also learned about HTML, Git commands, and teamwork skills during sleep deprivation times.

What's next for ClownSpotter

Implementing image upload option for Report It, using the clarifai API to verify image classification, and implementing data visualization libraries for geographical mapping in the Where Are They site.

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