Research & Inspiration

While searching for inspiration to build an app that would reduce the United State’s $245 Bn bill of Diabetes, we went out as a team, interviewed the staff of AccessHealth, a group of urgent care clinics in the Bay Area, which treats hundreds of diabetics every month. We ended up doing day shifts with them to understand the work flow and pain points.

The director, clinicians and medical assistants have all invariably pointed out that medication adherence and the lack of time available during the visit were the main pain points when dealing with Diabetic Patients.

These problems ultimately lead to poor patient engagement with care, development of complications, loss of productivity and frequent hospitalizations which amount to the $13,700 costs incurred by the average diabetic every year.

We built our solution to address these major components of cost, while improving the clinic's workflow from paper based tracking of glucose to automated real-time data that can integrate with the EMR.

Click below to watch some of our interviews from the Research and Ideation phases including some screenshots of our early prototypes:

How It Works

CloviMed boosts diabetic patients' self-efficacy in managing their condition, while providing their clinicians with actionable data about care plan adherence. It is a secure platform intended to provide collaboration between providers, payers and patients.

After signing up, the patient receives SMS reminders prompting them to report their blood sugar levels and missed doses in a simple and accessible way. After each input, they receive educational and nutritional tips.

Educational delivery is continued through a web-based portal where patients can see their progress, identify behavioral trends, and gain access to video content that covers everything from measuring blood sugar to preventing disease complications.

We then adopted Stanford’s self-efficacy scale to provide patients with a way to measure their confidence and we also visualized the continuous NHANES Diabetes dataset to allow them to compare their efficacy with others nationwide.

You can see some of the visuals we did for the data here :

Nationwide Diabetes Management TrendsSee how you compare to thousands of other diabetics, identify your weak points and talk to your doctor or Diabetes Educator about how to improve them!!/vizhome/nhanes/Story1

CloviMed is available in both English and Spanish, and compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations through our TrueVault integration.

Walkthrough of CloviMed:

Cost Containment

CloviMed can address these following components of Diabetes costs as evaluated by the American Diabetes Association:

Cost Item CloviMed Savings
Hospital inpatient care (43% of the total medical cost) Enabling awareness,education and proactive prevention of complications
Prescription medications to treat complications of diabetes (18%) Improving medication adherence and quantifying adherence progress.
Physician office visits (9%) Improving efficiency of the visit by educating the patient beforehand and providing the clinician with real-time data.
Increased absenteeism and reduced productivity ($28.5 Billion) By improving self-efficacy and preventing complications.

We estimate average savings to be around $2350 per patient per year on the long term, assuming we only save 30% of the average $7900 attributed to diabetes.

Future Roadmap

If we are given the chance to work with Independence, we would use the prize to develop the following features to make CloviMed even stickier and more personalized:

1- Develop a social feed, where diabetics can interact with one another and engage each another in activities such as sharing recipes or planning hikes together. 2- Integrate Lab work from care providers so that patients can access their HbA1c and cholesterol tests. 3- Create a Diabetes Risk Assessment so that we can tailor the educational content according to the specific area that needs improvement. 4- Create Admin profile for care managers or payers to create challenges and incentivize patients to take further control over their habits and prevent complications. 5- Integrate with Validic to allow seamless integration with bluetooth enabled glucose monitoring in addition to SMS tracking, and allow comparison to NHANES dataset.


  • Dmitri Skjorshammer: Full Stack Developer, UI.
  • Atta Pilram: Business Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur.
  • Joseph Dang: Graphic Designer and Content Manager
  • Omar Shaker: Physician, Masters of International Business, Data Visualization & UX.
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