Clovers Network launched on August 20th and since then we've had over 25,000 transactions, on average that's 3 transactions per minute. Our system includes an off-chain verification step whose gas has to be pre-funded by users. This pre-fund should only pay as much as needed at the current gas price, but we need synchronous on chain prices for that to work. The result is that users overpay to ensure a fast service.

What it does

We include current gas price as an additional parameter to our verification transactions in order to use those prices for subsequent transactions. This helps us keep tx costs low for users while still ensuring transactions go through quickly. As a result we are maintaining an on-chain gas oracle that the entire ecosystem can access and use.

How I built it

Solidity upgrades to our already-deployed contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Running the crypto-economic labs while 3D printing copper clovers, on-boarding new users and hacking at the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Deploying to Mainnet!

What I learned

Gas is hard.

What's next for Clovers Gas Station

Let other projects know that this valuable information is accessible and on-chain for all to use.

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