I want to give all small merchants the ability to interact with their customers a last time right after the purchase

What it does

Right after a purchase made on a clover station, the customer is prompt with a web managed fortune wheel

How I built it

Using Clover SDK / API and Android, I build a two faces app, that allow a merchant to pickup some items from his shop to be available as gain. The customer facing UI is then inviting the customer to spin a Wheel of Fortune right after the purchase.

User is then warn of its win or loss and the app goes back to the payment conclusion screen (print tickets)

Challenges I ran into

Animating the customer UI was pretty difficult : Android is not coming with any helper for that, it's pretty much scripting coordinates...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Handling some Clover connectors I never used before, like the inventory, allowing me to share winnable prizes through all the POS of the shop.

What I learned

Android animations

What's next for Clover spinning wheel

Building a better Merchant facing UI, taking care of Employee privileges, make the wheel colors customizable, improve animations, print redeem code on the ticket, ask for any input from customer (phone, email,...)

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