We wanted to make a simple way for merchants to create an awesome digital menu that will update in real time based on menu changes on their POS, as well as allow for different configurations to show the right information to the current time of day/ day of week/ or season (ex. lunch menu/dinner menu)d

What it does

It utilizes data from the Clover API to fill in an elegant menu template, the merchant can toggle through their menu configurations by clicking. All updates to the menu through Clover or our web interface are updated in real time. The owner could literally make price changes from vacation. Optimizing price is important for businesses, this allows merchants to do that while keeping their customers informed

How it works

The merchant downloads the app from the Clover app market, and creates a menu configuration of categories and items. These configurations are then available for display on an android TV device and they can toggle through them as their menu changes throughout the day. As they need to make changes to item names, prices or descriptions they can make this changes from the Menu Display web interface or from the Clover station or web dashboard

What we are proud of

  1. Filling three needs of Clover merchants in restaurant setting-- 1. Create different menu configurations for different times of day (breakfast/lunch/dinner/etc) 2. Display menu information for customers to read 3. Allow a way to include descriptions with menu items to explain them better.
  2. Use Clover WebApi to create different features
  3. fully featured app across Web AND Android TV interfaces
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