Cloutfit aims at making styling easier. Instead of needing to figure out what clothing matches in your wardrobe, Cloutfit aims to tell you what matches. All you have to do is store the pictures of your wardrobe in Cloutfit and send Cloutfit a picture of the article of clothing you intend to wear. Cloutfit will then present you with options of matching clothing from your wardrobe using pattern matching, color matching and complements and other stylistic choices. Cloutfit will also help you make decisions on what clothing to buy at stores by showing you what in your wardrobe matches with that article of clothing.

In further updates, Cloutfit will be able to recommend clothing from stores that you do not have in your wardrobe. Not only that, but Cloutfit will be able to track what you have been wearing and what you prefer to wear to rank the style choices determined by it.

Cloutfit uses the power of IBM Watson for its clothing recognition and Google FIrebase for its server-side handling. [link]

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