Inspiration: We had been arguing with one another for weeks regarding the definition of the slang term "Clout"; a term that loosely describes the influence or social power that an individual carries over their peers or those around them. We jokingly began to refer as "clout" as a non-physical entity that could be transferred from one individual to another through the from of playful banter, or through the admiration of a specific individual. We had begun to create rules for "clout" that would describe how clout moves from one entity to another, or if "clout" could be created or destroyed. "Clout" is inherently understood to be a nonsensical slang term with no real value except to the individual that is perceived to have it.

What it does We give users an opportunity to engage with one socially another in a new and goofy form. Once a user has searched a target they are given the opportunity tho either give them clout or take it away from them. We give our users the ability to take away and give people clout similar to the Reddit karma system. A user's clout grows and decays influenced by an algorithm that is unknown to all users in order to create a competitive environment. wUsers can look up their friends and create competitions among themselves to see who amount them "as the most clout". Users are able to showcase their clout using a digital trophy that ranks up as they acquire more "clout".

How we built it: We had used Android Studio to form our front end and had made our back end entirely based on Google Fireside! The application is only available to android with marshmallow and up but we hope to include iOS one day!

Challenges we ran into We are a two person team made up of one senior Computer science student and a student fresh into programing. In addition, neither of us have never programmed an application before. To create anything or integrate any function, we had to learn new skills as we hacked and had to keep our app flexible as development progressed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are a two person team made up of one senior Computer science student and a student fresh into programing and this is the closest any of our friends had come to presenting a full app at a hackathon! We will continue to develop our application even past Brick Hack because we had enjoyed making the app together. We went from having little experience to creating something that worked!

What's next for Clout: Clout is unique in that if user base remains relatively high or continues to grow, there is potential integration with other forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder.

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