We as adults need to cloth ourselves every morning, but fashion is not always easy. Many of us either have no time or wish we had more fashion sensibility, so naturally the next step in the age of Smart technology is the closet. We wanted to create a service that helps people dress better, faster, and more easily.

What it does

Digitally gather and group your garments in a neat and organized interface with CloudWear! All you need to do is take a picture of any article of clothing* and upload it to our personal Smart, Google Cloud-driven database. Our system will be able to accurately recognize and appropriately store each article based on its type (shirt, pants, etc.). Creatively combine clothing to create customized outfits or consult the experts (COMING SOON) to put together your daily ensembles. Save and/or share your freshest collections with friends, family, and fans! The more you upload and create, the Smarter our system becomes and the richer our features grow. Try out CloudWear at this IP address:

*Currently our project is specific to shirts, pants, and hats.

How We Built It

Languages used:

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Python
  • C++

~ Computer Vision ~ Canny Edge Detector:

  • Initially attempted to make image extraction more generic, but ultimately produced low-quality images.

Implemented with OpenCV:

  • Analyzed background image, then boosted/exaggerated its light levels to make clothing and its designs much clearer and easier to separate.
  • High quality images, but currently relies on consistent (ideally white) background for most accurate recognition.

~ Machine Learning ~

  • K-Nearest Neighbors
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Psychic Learn

~ Other Resources ~

  • Google Cloud Compute Engine
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Flask
  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • SQLite

Challenges We Overcame

  • Dataset availability
  • Accurate clothing recognition
  • Integration
  • Learning new software and interfaces (JQuerry, Flask, Google Compute Integration)
  • Sleep deprivation off the wazoo

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

  • CloudWear is online!
  • We learned a ton

What We Learned

  • You can actually make an app in a day
  • You can only drink so much Red Bull
  • Machines
  • New languages (Flask, JQuerry, HTML/CSS, Javascript,...)
  • The soothing sound of hail in Santa Cruz

What's Next for CloudWear

  • Expert outfit advice
  • Online clothing marketplace
  • A Linux maintainer
  • Personalized outfit suggestions
  • 3D interface/Porting through Unity for Occulus compatibility
  • Smart laundry baskets
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