We wanted to be able to explore the cool parts of the world that we haven't been able to go to yet! Along the way, we wanted other people to be able to learn from seeing as well.

What it does

Select an iconic location on earth. Then, VR whirls you away to your destination where you can explore and learn new things about the wonders of the world.

How we built it

Using the Google Maps API, we gathered, parsed, and stitched panoramas together from Street View. We used the Unity engine to create a VR environment in which you could explore the Skybox. Information about the place pops up around your head as you look around. You can click to dismiss the infobits.

Challenges we ran into

Originally we planned to build the project in AWS Sumerian. However, after Sumerian failed to recognize the Oculus Rift due to an incompatible controller type, we had to switch to Unity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to change and adapt to a new idea halfway through the event. We successfully created a VR environment.

What we learned

C# (we've never programmed in C# before), VR ( a totally new experience for us), and how to adapt to things as they come.

What's next for Cloudwalk

Integrating more locations More interactivity Procedurally retrieving any location from Google Maps

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