Problem #1: Connecting to someone else's hotspot can be a hassle - they need to turn their hotspot on, and then tell you the network name and password. Wouldn't it be easier if there was a secure way to automatically connect to someone's hotspot?

Problem #2: People need more motivation to exercise. Wouldn't it be cool if exercising was gamified, so that there's an immediate, tangible reward for getting fit?

When we were brainstorming, our team members wanted to solve very different problems... So we came up with a creative way to solve both!

What it does

CloudWalk uses a pedometer to track the user's every step, which are used as a currency ($teps) within the app. Users can spend their $teps to automatically tether to another user's hotspot, without any hassle. The more $teps you spend, the longer you're allowed to stay on another CloudWalker's hotspot.

How we built it

CloudWalk is an Android app using the native Wifi P2P Service to find other CloudWalk users nearby.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the best tools for a P2P connection was difficult, and once we decided on WifiP2PManager, it was a pain to set up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting one phone to tell another phone to turn on its hotspot, and then connecting to that hotspot seamlessly, was a huge accomplishment. We are also proud of how we made the design and interface of the app modern and intuitive.

What we learned

P2P is HARD.

What's next for CloudWalk

Our database could store a lot more metrics in order to provide the user more information about their exercising history. We could also use these metrics to find an optimal $tep cost for a minute of another user's data.

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