MESA 101


We wanted to do something that wasn't just a web app

What it does

Transforms your files into encoded mp4 files and uploads them to youtube or vimeo, and lets you download them wherever you want, making youtube or vimeo an unlimited cloud storage service.

How we built it

We used open source code in C and C++ for transforming and encoding files, MEAN stack to make the web app and user front end, and python to tie it all up.

Challenges we ran into

Everything: from building insanely big C++ libraries, and youtube playing hard to get by compressing and messing up our files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully stored files disguised as videos on video sharing sites.

What we learned

Don't try to build and install clang in the middle of a Hackathon. And never try to figure out youtube... its like that crazy girlfriend that keeps you close enough that you wont ditch her, but she just doesn't care about you :( ... also sleep deprivation is bad for code

What's next for CloudTube

Making it stable and work for better correction algorithm implementations.

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