It was really nice to take participate in this Hackathon. By reading the basic detail and components to be used like docusign, CRM, WebPortal, Map, etc, we started feeling excited about it.

What it does

We worked on the app1 which is more on design and streamlining of the whole process. We would say App1 is the foundation app for the other 2 apps. App1 provides a web portal for Certificate Holder, Applicant, and Certification Body. It allows certificate holder/applicant users to assess their likelihood for the certificate based on the set of question tree. Also, they can apply for a new certificate and add evidence, notes, documents, and sites with the location. Once the certificate is submitted, Certificate body users can select and choose for review. To start the review, App enforces to have mutual consent between the Applicant and Certification Body using docusign.

How I built it

App is built using dynamics 365 as backend, ASP MVC portal with C# as a language base and it is hosted on azure app service.

Challenges I ran into

Basically, solution design should be thought of in detail to provide extensibility for future purposes and we invested a lot of time there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As the app gives good experience on new components like docusign and ESRI map, we were excited from start and very happy to complete and submit.

What I learned

What's next for CloudTrack2020

Built With

  • azurewebapp
  • c#
  • dynamics365
  • mvc
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