We were looking for a hack that both utilized the technology we were provided and also provide a utility that would be useful to the art community.

CloudSync provides real-time syncing of GIMP projects to a Google Cloud Storage Bucket. This ensures that progress is not lost and the project files themselves are always easily accessible. Furthermore, due to our integration of UiPath and Google APIs, we can use this package, with some tweaking, on other software packages as well.

We started the development process with a couple of hours of research to familiarize ourselves with Google Cloud and UiPath. Afterward, we split up project development based on our strengths and divided and conquered. This amounted to a Node team, UiPath team, and presentation team.

The greatest challenge was coming up with the idea. Our original idea utilized VR and the headset we received didn't work. We also had a laptop crash as well. After one more idea was worked on for a bit then trashed we thought of the idea we have now. We also ran into a few technical problems implementing UiPath, but we overcome those as well.

Proudest of our teamwork and cohesion, it's not common for a team to stay committed after two major setbacks, but we did it and made a working and useful demo.

Team communication, Node/Google Cloud Storage API integration, and RPA development with UiPath

Add a down-syncing feature, implement more advanced UiPath integration, and package to make setting up on new PC user-friendly.

Built With

  • google-cloud-storage-api
  • node.js
  • uipath
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