The purpose of CloudSense is to cost effectively outfit a smart home. Current TVs, lighting fixtures, stoves, faucets, garage doors, etc. are not internet ready. Replacing these devices with smart home versions would be extremely expensive. CloudSense uses a variety of remote sensor technology to monitor existing equipment. Data is stored in the cloud and consumed on phones, laptops, and even smartwatches.

In their final form, a typical user would buy a pack of 10 or more CloudSensors as a starter pack. The user would stick the small sensors on the power lights of appliances and electronics. Some would also go near plumbing fixtures. Another on the garage door, another near an HVAC exhaust, etc.

The sensors collect light, sound, vibration, temperature, and even air quality. This data is analyzed to know when a toilet flushes, when the lights are on in the kitchen, when the garage is open, when the TV is on, and so on.

Apple Watch is fully supported as well as Gimble beacons so you can get a notification on your wrist if you leave with an appliance on, or the garage open.

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