I want to create an augmented reality app for the Moverio glasses that will help users visualize the quality of air around them. New improvements and crowdsourced databases of pollution levels from wearable air monitors such as "Aircasting" and "Breathe" will help make this project a reality. I would like to use the data and API from these air monitors to create a visual representation of "air quality clouds". The companies that make these new air monitors will create database maps from the air monitors that their customers wear around the world. Being able to see this in front of you (instead of just as pins on a map) would be a useful resource for those who live in cities with air pollution problems. A color scale would be used to depict the pollution levels, (Black would be the highest level, Red would indicate hazardous material, etc) and opacity would be used to visualize clean air areas. (If no pollution, areas would be clear).

Imagine being able to figure out the best jogging or bike route through a city that has the sweetest air to breathe!

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