It began with the idea that Cloudinary's video asset management solution is promising but the current user experience of selecting assets and simply transforming them isn't that compelling of an experience for DAM users, marketers, and podcasters. We wanted to create a compelling reason to use Cloudinary as a complete end to end solution for video and images.

Creating podcasts and marketing videos can take a lot of space on your hard drive, it requires a lot of expensive software and most desktop video editing software falls short when it comes to features and usability.

What it does

We created a simple Cloud-based product to enable podcasters, marketers to create and edit video directly from their Cloudinary account. We've created an optimized experience and workflow for building simple timeline based video projects. We introduced the concept of a video clip and storyboard editing and tracks. Simple asset selection, trimming of assets and drag and drop ordering of clips into the storyboard enables the users instant productivity because all of the workflow is realtime within the application. We avoid latency and long transformation trips to and from the Cloudinary platform by using Proxy Images and video (Upload Preset and pre-processing). The end user experience is immediate and fun.

Future vision of this project

Our future vision for this project would be full integration as an editing tool build this directly into Cloudinary's Digital Asset Management Solution. We see this as a viable and necessary workflow for our audiences of marketers, users. We don't see this as a replacement for profession video editing, but an enhancement of our current DAM solution to keep our customers within our product ecosystem. Small 5 minute or less video projects can easily be edited on platform. No need to send customers away from Cloudinary.

Future Features would include:

  • Select and trim multiple clips
  • Order trimmed clips via a storyboard interface
  • Add background audio tracks
  • Add text overlays with timing.
  • Add watermark logos
  • Chrome Key Replace Background with images and videos (Jon Sneyers ?)
  • Produce finalized rendered video for delivery.

How we built it

It began with the idea as mentioned above and a few sketches by Boaz Sketech - We decided to scaffold the application with Vuetify and host it on heroku, to take advantage of the automatic deployment opportunities. The app rely's on vuejs, and composing layouts via functional components.

Challenges we ran into

Super ambitions project for a single day hackathon. We are still new to Vuejs, and find there's some gotchas with the way Vue handles ES6 (or doesn't). Cloudinary's JavaScript SDK supports video concatenation, however it's doesn't offer truly a developer friendly interface to simply splice video or do more complex overlays without a lot of complex calculations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's a great proof of concept that could easily be hardened to turn into a platform ready product.
Realtime clip editing and trimming feature is remarkably fast and the experience is far superior to the current video asset workflow. We can learn from these optimization techniques and fold them into the existing product. The visually interesting and minimal layout allows the user to focus on the task of video editing.

Working features included:

  • Video upload
  • Tiled list of assets
  • Draggable assets
  • Ability to select a clip, trim and preview the final clip

What we learned

  • Proxy Asset design pattern makes video editing enjoyable and fast.
  • The concept resonates with our product team and the potential opportunities are real.

What's next for Cloudinary Video Producer

  • Continue efforts to improve the user experience for our video workflow
  • Integration into our platform

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