Use Smartphone based VR to explore the airport and visualize your trip! Fly in an all-glass plane, with 360 degree view of the sky and earth, marking landmarks on the way.

Visit historic Airports around the world, and visualize your entire trip from airport to airport!

We have been playing with "The GO" smartphone powered HMD by ImmersiON-VRelia

Make charges to your mastercard in the virtual duty free shop and rack up the frequent flier miles!

I recently read about new planes that are all windows so you can feel like you are just sitting in air, it seems really cool, however those won't be available for years.

How about using your smartphone and a VR viewer to be able to look left and right to the clouds, and down to the ground using a combination of GPS, plane camera data, Wi-Fi signal, and pre-planned route-maps, to get the total flying experence.

Really connected with where you are and where you are going, and get a full understanding of your travel route as it happens.

Have you ever wanted to truly fly? Now is your chance!

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