What it does

Cloudfunder utilises the computing power of devices that are not in use. It uses this power as a kind of supercomputer to help achieve the sustainable development goals. The massive processing power can help crunch data, run projects and will be open source for SDG projects. It will help achieve SDG goal 17.18- that is to increase significantly the delivery high quality data. This will feed directly into the other 16 SDG's.

How we built it

Utilising the Ethereum blockchain and Smart contracts to verify contributions of processing power. There will be a demo dashboard for users in the prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Limiting the potential scope of the project- narrowing down the application to an achievable focus for the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting our plan C video across the line!

What we learned

The enormous flexibility and variety of blockchain applications.

What's next for CloudFunder

To harness the early learnings and deploy them into a tangible and effective social initiative.

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