As a teenager, I deal with a lot of academic-related and peer-related stress. Stress can eventually lead to anxiety as 1 in 3 teenagers, ages 13-18, will experience an anxiety disorder. This is key because anxiety can increase the chances for physical complications and can significantly disrupt relationships, self-confidence, and motivation to complete tasks for school, home, etc.

What it does

I decided to create a 3D augmented reality environment for people to release all their stress on clouds that disappear once balls are thrown at them. AR-related therapy has empirically helped manage anxiety, and a gamified version of that would make it more available. It also plays calming background music to make the experience immersive.

How we built it

I used Xcode and the language Swift to write all the code for the app. I used ARKit and SceneKit which are both Apple API's for augmented reality and creating 3D scenes. I created 3D models of different clouds in Tinkercad and used them as nodes in the scene.

Challenges we ran into

After the clouds were hit by balls, I was working on an animation for them to burst into sparkles. Unfortunately, it was taking longer than expected, so it will most likely be a work in progress after the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first ever fully-augmented reality game that I've finished. I'm proud that I was able to pick it up within 36 hours and create an entire augmented reality scene.

What we learned

I learned a lot, from creating augmented reality apps, using SceneKit to animate 3D objects with proper physics, and improving my skills with gesture recognizers.

What's next for CloudFree

I plan on creating even more levels as well as a point system to keep people engaged with the game. I also plan on adding even more seamless animations to improve user experience.

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