When reading articles online for research or for practicing the SAT, oftentimes there are difficult words that students encounter. While a simple Google search might bring up the official definition of the word, students may still struggle with truly connecting with the meaning. Students need fast and simple way to show synonyms on the webpages that they frequent.

What it does

With cloudflare, if you highlight a word in a webpage, the word with its synonyms and part of speech are simply added to the end of the block of text. Highlighting the synonym word will call up a small text box displaying synonyms to the synonym. Clicking outside the range of the text will make these synonyms disappear.

How I built it

Starting with the most basic code provided by Cloudflare and inspired by the widely-seen twitter buttons on webpages, I learned how to use JavaScript to loop through data and display the information that I wanted. I found an API called BigHugeThesaurus that outputs very specific information on specific words. The app was made by connecting these two things.

Challenges I ran into

Looking for an API and actually connecting it was extremely difficult. Thanks to a lot of help from mentors, I scoured the webs for an API that fit my needs and could be connected easily. I overcame security issues and compatibility issues, and BigHugeThesaurus was perfect for this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before this hackathon I had almost no experience working in JavaScript or on web apps, and had no idea what Cloudflare was. I attended the Cloudflare workshop on Saturday afternoon and was inspired to make this app. I also had no experience working with APIs. I'm proud of the progress that I've made over these past 23 hours.

What I learned

I learned exactly what APIs do, how to connect and use them, as well as the capabilities of the Cloudflare platform and the whole extent of my JavaScript knowledge.

What's next for cloudflare-app-thesaurus

Instead of directly showing the words, the app will prompt user input for number of words and type of result. The API includes antonyms and similar words, so I'm excited to work with those. I want to let the user customize the location of the text as well. Hopefully I'll be able to get the app available so people can use it in everyday life.

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