We were tired of having to download pictures and other media to our computers for file sharing between various social media apps. We really wanted to remove this step from the process. After some brainstorming, we decided to create a Chrome Extension that would work in the background to solve this issue. As they wisely say - the best inventions are formed out of laziness!

What it does

Our chrome extensions tracks the cursor moving on the screen, and analyzes the element that the mouse is currently focusing on. Every time the mouse sees an "img" element, the extension is triggered to create social media sharing links overlaid on the "img". We use JQuery to calculate the position of each social media link relative to the image it's positioned on. Once these links are clicked, the relevant sharing page is opened up on the social media website and the image can easily be shared with anyone as required :)

How I built it

We used JS, JQuery and CSS to develop the Chrome Extension.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time working with a) Chrome Extensions and b) Javascript, so we were learning from scratch! It was a quick learning curve however, and soon we started facing much more difficult issues such as permissions from various website and various forms of source code storage by different websites. Overall, however, we noticed that it wasn't too difficult to work on our idea once we had gotten the basics of JS and JQuery out of the way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It looks beautiful
  • The icons are of the same icon pack and therefore provide consistency and fit our UI/UX goals
  • Our code isn't glitchy and works very smoothly on websites we have developed it for
  • We have kept coding guidelines in view and have left it very easy to edit, so that future developments are not difficult for any of the developers.

What I learned

  • JS!
  • JQUERY! And how absolutely essential it is to make JS easier.
  • How to develop simple Chrome extensions
  • By extension (lol), basics of how to develop front-end software

What's next for CloudCar

We have only implemented a few social sharing links and a few websites where our extension actually works. This is simply a prototype for a future, well-developed extension. It is not difficult to add more compatible websites to our list, and we aim to keep growing in order to cater to a larger audience and a larger number of social media websites. As of now, we support sharing via Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter from approximately 8 image sharing websites. We aim to increase this number to 50 before the end of next week, and have the capacity to share via at least 10 new social media websites.

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