The average sales rep is spending over 50% of their time on non-selling activities. We're going to provide practical ways to reclaim that prime selling time. Cloudbreak is a mobile service for sales professionals that aggregates, curates and delivers 24 by 7 news coverage of the important events and buying signals from the prospects and customers in their territory. Cloudbreak makes it easy to know exactly what's important and brings the news right to a sales professional in a familiar format on their laptop, tablet, or favorite mobile device.

Sales people begin every year with an extensive territory planning exercise where they often spend weeks collecting information and organizing it in a way that they can rank their target accounts to determine where they should invest their time. They use spreadsheets, online data sources, CRM systems, search engines, alerts and corporate website lookups to enrich their data. It's a ton of work.

After the sales rep creates their territory, they use newsletter subscriptions, RSS feeds, Google alerts and ad-hoc searches to (try) to stay current on what's happening in their territory. Cloudbreak drastically reduces this administrative effort, and reps can invest more time on high leverage selling activities. They'll never miss the important signals happening in their territory, and always have the information they need to have quality conversations with their prospects. With Cloudbreak you set up your territory one time and everything that matters just starts showing up in your news feed, it 's like following your favorite sports team.

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