Siri, all grown up. Imagine you could talk to Siri using natural language and she could access Salesforce and other cloud systems to help you get real work done.

Today, we program our phones verbally, having to articulate in painstaking and procedural detail each action the phone has to take. In many ways, it is like telling a 3 year old what to do:

  1. Put that thing away
  2. No, it belongs in the kitchen
  3. No, not the floor, put it in a drawer

Imagine talking to Siri as if she were a 30 year old personal assistant who is great with computers, has all your accounts, and knows all about you. Only, she responds in seconds, just like Siri.

We came up with the idea here at Dreamforce (Monday) and currently have it launched for Google Glass, iOS, Android, and other mobile browsers with varying levels of integration.

It technically supports multiple signups if we cleaned up some logic in a few places, but we ran out of time and have verbal agreements from customers to pay which we plan on offering before Christmas.

Hope you like it!


Use on iPhone or Android: load the url ( ) in a mobile browser and login. We suggest that you bookmark it on your home screen (like it tells you) to be able to instantly access CloudAnswers.

Google Glass: We need to help you connect it to your glass, or you can borrow ours.

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