We wanted to view the analytics of a specific soundcloud song but were unable to access this unless we wanted to pay for the soundcloud pro account. Likewise, we hate paying for data so we decided to build our own chart.

What it does

Theoretically the user is supposed to enter in a soundcloud url and the app will generate a live time graph of current play counts. We ran into a lot of problems and this was our first time building a complete web app so some functionality is missing.

How We built it

Lots of python, stack overflow and great mentorship. Used flask for a framework and css/html/jquery/javascript to make it look nice.

Challenges We ran into

Displaying the graph in the html was a large challenge for us. We didn't figure it out quite yet but hopefully we figure it out when we get home!

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Made it out alive at our first hackathon!

What we learned

Stack Overflow is a major key #clothtalk

What's next for Cloud10

The world may never know

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