The Covid 19 Pandemic has now been going on for approximately 2 years and throughout this time, youth, teens, and adults everywhere are having to stay at home and complete most of their operations. Going outside has become a mission, and with everyone staying at home most of the time, the passion and excitement which everyone once had for travelling have subsided. In order to combat this universal boredom, we decided to create a platform that would allow you to virtually visit your dream destination.

What it does

A virtual platform that offers all ages an opportunity to explore the world all at the convenience of your bedroom!

How we built it

CLoud Xplore was created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, SASS, Vectary and Echo AR. Open to all ages for usage, this platform is fairly easy to navigate.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the hackathon, our team faced multiple hurdles. One being the inability to 3d design as we had merely ever worked with Echo Ar and Vectary. This being the case, creating the 3d Map of Paris using the provided 3d objects on Echo AR proved to be truly difficult. After finishing the design, we were faced with creating the website from scratch, and although bootstrap provided ease of support, there were numerous design elements and features that were done by hand and with the good old support of Stack Overflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functioning website using Web Development languages and designing a 3d Model of Paris using Echo AR and Vectary.

What we learned

How to use Vectary, Echo AR, APIS, Jquery, Web Development designing

What's next for Cloud Xplore

Cloud Xplore is still at its beta phase as with the correct resources and time our team can include a vast range of features. This will include a fully working survey form which will output a location based on the user’s mood, an integrated google maps API to view the location on maps, an extended library of ar destinations and a working news API to receive updates on your preferred location. (In case the video does not upload correct - here is the video without music)

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