Inspired by videogame inventories, we combine different technologies to make it easier to keep track of what objects you currently have in your possession.

The estimote is a low energy bluetooth beacon which can be attached to the surface of various objects. When your smartphone is within proximity of the beacon, it communicates with a database set up in the Microsoft Azure cloud to determine what item is associated with that beacon. Your phone relays the information to your Pebble watch, which provides a more convenient notification that you have acquired that object. When travelling with a knapsack or purse, it may prove to be more convenient to quickly check which items you have on your possession by toggling through your Pebble inventory than physically searching through your bag or pulling your phone out of your pocket.

Each item within the database is updated whenever it is within pick-up-range or out-of-range by a timestamp. For example, if you've dropped your keys or wallet with an estimote attached, your Pebble device can vibrate when it is out of range. If you somehow miss that notification, you can check your Pebble inventory to see when the last time your items were in your possession and think back to where you were at that time to retrace your steps. We are interested in further integrating the application with Google maps to indicate more explicitly where the item was when dropped by the owner.

It would also be conceivable to have certain items with an inherent rarity, such as giveaways at conventions or events, to be seen as trade-able. A natural extension would be to have an associated webpage tracking your acquired and given items as achievements with current and previous owner histories.

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