Ever noticed the Taxi meters running faster than the taxi themselves???? . If so then this app is for you ....

Safety and reliability in our daily travel are often compromised because of a system that needs better accountability .This is the driving force behind our app - The Cloud O Meter.

In the World of CRM, Customer is the heart of everything and expectations are sky high from our sales representatives and Marketing agents to deliver excellence. In the course of this, they may be faced with a lot of work related travels that needs to be compensated. The information collected through this app would help in approximating this figure.

At the same time, with rising crime rates, the security of our employees have become a genuine and expensive concern. This app also allows for mechanisms to overcome unforetold incidents.

Key Features:

Simulates the meter in a taxi/ auto riskshaw.

Provides current location of the Traveler

Calculates the actual fare on real time

Provides for the facility to contact an emergency contact

Invoices are emailed as a confirmation

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