It is difficult when you have to search for files (based on their contents) stored on cloud (for example on This project resolves that problem by allowing users to search through the contents of the files stored on cloud without even downloading them.

Nowadays, people use more than 1 social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to manage all these different social networks. This app takes a step closer towards resolving that problem also

Thus, this app makes life a lot easier who mostly do their work online and who spend much time online.

What it does

It basically makes life easier of online users by providing the functionalities that Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter do not provide.

How I built it

I built it using Ruby on Rails and Postgre SQL. Many different rubygems were also used such bootstrap (for better looking front-end) and mechnize (for rendering Facebook, Twitter, etc in our web app).

Challenges I ran into

Accessing Dropbox files was a challenge at first but reading the Ruby's Dropbox API cleared many concepts. The next challenge that I ran into was to display the contents of a user's Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites on my website. This was particularly challenging since these social media websites use HTTPS protocol and officially prohibit other websites to access their raw website directly. This challenge was circumvented by trying a couple of things such as iframes, selenium and mechanize. At last, mechanize worked and produced good results similar to what I wanted!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the fastest I have coded an application from scratch and that too with very little sleep for 2 days.

What I learned

Coding an application faster. Working under pressure and deadlines.

What's next for Cloud Manager

Incorporating more social network websites into it. Tailoring it according to each user's choice.

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