Have you ever found the numerous cloud storage solutions to be overwhelming? Our project is a service that combines cloud storage solutions, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, using the point.io API.

Making the most out of your free cloud storage by combining it under one folder, our project allows you to access all you files from one single location, optimizing the amount of space you have. If you want to put new files on to the cloud, our service intelligently decides where best to put your files using Google Prediction API, so that you will find them at intuitive locations.

Our design combines an unlikely pair: cloud storage and artificial intelligence, in a design that aims to make our daily lives easier. Through the 2013 MHacks Hackathon, we have gone a great distance in achieving this goal; our application has the complete features of a cloud synchronization software, including a user front-end designed with user experience and aesthetics in mind.

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