Doctors in many hospitals are being conflicted to each other while they were evaluating patients and even single wrong decision may occurs risky surgry or operations on pations.

What it does

My goal is to built cloud base tracking system and report all the patients documentries into the system after all the doctors include the hospital they are being evaluate the repors depent on their experties then these evaluations ​​are stored in the cloud system, they will be valuable training category for supervised machine learning algorithm, and the next patients will be able to conduct many diagnoses as a result of the joint evaluation of machines evaluations or all doctors. So the petients learn all the comment of the reports

How I built it

Actually all the cloud providers have ML train system on their own. When we correctly store on the cloud system it is easy to train the model on them.

Challenges I ran into

It is very difficult to obtain consent of the difficult sides to process patient records and see them by many doctors

What's next for Cloud Base Monitorize Healt Report System

I tried to get meeting in an large hospitals and goverments healt department to present my ideas.

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