I started thinking about what makes a hospital being expensive, being healthy believe ir or not is expensive, for instance if you want to buy salads they tend to be expensive but a hamburguer is cheaper.

So I started thinking, what about the hospitals, what makes a hospital an expensive place to recover, I realized that many of the things inside a hospital are expensive, for example the cardiograph costs more than 1,000 dollars, now if you have at least 1/3 of the amount of rooms then your hospital prices rise quite a lot.

What's more most of those devices are not very wide available to small countries or in development countries, so the solution is to create a simple, cost efective cloud based solution for a cardiograph. I decided to create a heart rate monitor just like the one used in the apple watch and the moto360, which is a simple IR led.

The sensor is then connected to the arduino MKR100 and using the wifi cappabilities the sensor details is sent to a centralized system.

This system can see several or many sensors at once, with all this data and using machine learning, doctos and hospitals and government could know potential illnesses or heart rate changes not expected.

What it does

It reads a person's heart beat and send its data using WIFI

How I built it

I used one of the newest creations from Arduino/Genuino the MKR1000, which is a board with integrated wifi connections, data can be ecrypted to avoid data corruption

Challenges I ran into

The most interesting and difficult part is when you actually want to see the details, it took me more time than I expected to build the dashboard

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As of today there is no wifi solution like this one in the market, so hospitals and companies can afford several of these devices and take better care of patiences

What I learned

About how a hospital works, what kind of devices they have.

What's next for Cloud base Heartbeat monitor

The implementaion in a real working hospital

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