Inspiration from live weather system

What it does This is the cloud, it uses real time API live weather system where the adrunio board is powering the whole LED system that senses what weather it is by simply being in contact with sensor detection.

How we built it we use pvc pipe, cotton ball, hot glue gun, circuit bread board, zip ties, adrunio and uno board.

Challenges I ran into we ran into problems with uno board sometime not properly contacting with the adrunio board. Also no one on the team knew how to program or use adrunio board

Accomplishments that were proud of using google and YouTube to assist us with the project.

What I learned that program will not always work as you wanted it to, sometimes you just have to improvise on issue.

What's next for Cloud 2.0 on the 7th day the lord took his rest from making clouds.

Built With

  • adrunio
  • uno-board
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