Clothing end up not being deployed correctly to locations due to poor communication between donors and organizations. Clothing should be donated instead of being thrown out because it takes up too much landfill space or clothing just doesn’t get recycled. EPA estimates 3.8 billion pounds of textile waste recycled, accounts only 15% of all waste, leaving for 85% of all clothing being left in landfills or in other words, wasted. According to a recent study from 2017 Giving Report, "when asked which fundraising concept donors would most like use, donors responded that 66% would prefer a mobile app that would automate the donation process."

Clothing donation boxes are unreliable in that some of these are misleading and the clothing doesn’t actually get donated but sold to distributor or foreign countries. Clothing donation boxes are not maintained well and may often overflow without proper management.


Clothly is an interactive clothing donation mobile application that bridges the communication between local donors and organizations. It allows for accessibility to easily donate clothing through simply requesting a pickup time and location for an organization to pickup the clothing. This will make it easier for those who do not have the time to drop off the clothes themselves. From the statistics published by the Giving Report, there shows a need for a mobile application that would make donating clothes more accessible. Clothly has both a donor side and an organization side. The donor side will allow users to select an organization to donate the clothes to and request the organization for a pickup. The organization side will list pending requests and gives the organization the ability to approve or disapprove a request.

What sets Clothly apart from other donation applications is the point system gamification as an incentive for people to help those in need. More donations, more points, which may be converted into redeemable rewards with help of sponsors.

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