Fashion is not a forte for my partner or I. But, that was only more the reason to build our fashion hack, quite literally it beats the system. We decided that we do not have enough time in the day to worry about our outfits or what to buy in order to stay with the "trend." So we decided to do what everyone does nowadays -- abuse machines and make them do what we are too lazy to do.

What it does

The overarching goal of our app is to eliminate the need to worry about decisions regarding clothes. Forget about these questions: Should I wear a Jacket or T-shirt today? Do these two colors go together? What clothes do I have to buy to stay "stylish"? Our app not only answers all these questions but it also does way more.

The most fundamental feature of our app is tracking your personal wardrobe. This can be done by taking a picture of your clothing articles or simply uploading a picture from online.

Information on a person's wardrobe allows us to assemble a person's outfit every single day. Now you're probably wondering why you would trust two high school kids about fashion tips. Especially since we are not particularly fashionable. Well, don't worry! The advice you receive from our app comes from the three impactful sources. The first source is the weather. Obviously, you don't want to be wearing beach shorts on a cold December day, and our app will make sure that you wear that rain jacket before you leave the house. The second dictator of your outfit is today's hottest trends. If its Saint Patrick's day, our app will make sure you don't get pinched till you are blue since you forgot to wear green. The final, and perhaps most impressive, part of our app is our self-made model database. Our app has analyzed hundreds of internet outfit models to get you the best colorway and fashion sense you could have imagined.

So at this point, you may be wondering, what if I don't have any nice looking clothes to start with? Well don't worry, neither do we! But our app offers a dedicated page to suggest clothes that follow seasonal trends as much as it matches what you already have in your closet. We're not trying to make you break the bank for clothes. In fact, we are saving you time and money that would be wasted when you go to the mall because we tell you the exact clothes you need to look the way you want.

How I built it

Building our three main features required us to utilize many programming tools. Our backend was centered in a python program that works out all the details of your wardrobe. Two different fashion APIs that also utilize computer vision were used in order to determine what was presented in front of the phone camera. The front end of our app was built on android studio. The python backend and the android studio front end were connect through flask.

Challenges I ran into

Although I have had development and programming experience in the past, embarking on a journey to complete app in the span of a weekend is new to me (especially since I have never built apps before).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to say that this is my first of may apps

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