Bitcamp 2017 Project

A mobile wardrobe application - plan outfits ahead of time

deployed with Firebase and a lot of HTML/CSS/Javascript/Node.js


Have you ever thrown on the most clashing and confusing set of clothes and then felt like a total Trashcan Trash Man? We have! And just like you (probably), we don't enjoy that feeling! So we've set out to create a friendly wardrobe organization and outfit planning app to be more organized and plan ahead!

What it does

Our hackathon project, Clothes Minded, is a fairly friendly and intuitive application for digitally managing your wardrobe, and planning and organizing outfits in advance or for future reference.

How we built it

We used the Brackets IDE along with JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, and jQuery for front-end design, while we used Firebase for backend and hosting our website and GitHub for all our project organizing.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time all of our team had worked with any servers and database related code. A few difficulties arose in the design of our website - balancing function with aesthetics

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think our app is well designed and will be extremely intuitive to use. Additionally, this is the first time we used databases or servers, as previously mentioned, and we believe we've all learned a lot from this hands-on experience and application of a myriad of skills.

What we learned

We learned much of the basics of servers, how to use Bootstrap effectively to make websites clean and mobile-friendly, and how to coordinate a large concerted team effort to create a fairly large project.

What's next for Clothes Minded

We look forward to expanding the list of features available to users of our Clothes Minded app. We hope to improve upon some of the existing "tracking features"; currently we have a tracker for the number of days since an outfit was last worn, and we would take this a step further by recording the weather during the day you wore that outfit, whether you liked it or not, whether it fit a similar color style as in previous days, etc. We would also love to branch out and work on machine learning with outfit picking, and eventually, based on a combination of user designed outfits and existing "rules" of fashion to eventually suggest good outfits based on your existing wardrobe or recommend an item of clothing.

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