Clothes Matching

It is an Android app that help you to choose a kind of dressing that can match to another person's dressing. The idea of the project is that we are trying to create something that can help the people like me who don't know how to dressing when you are planning to date with someone, maybe your girl friend, boy friend or important friends.

It is a hackathon project for conUHacks II in 2017, which means that it is developed within 24 hours.

Team Members

There are 4 members in our team (the list below follows the first character of the name's order in the alphabet), you can click the name to their web page if needed:

Related Techniques

First of all, we use smart phone using Android system to display our idea which means that we have used the Android SDK provided by Google.

Secondly, we use the machine learning API provided by Clarifai to detect the dressing style of people who we are going to date with.

Finally, according to the return data, we matching them with suitable dressing and showing the user an example photo which was given by bing searching API provided by Mircosoft.

An Example

In the first time you access to the app, you need to choice your gender (the user's gender), and then you have two choices. One is for upload an existing photo on your phone, the other is for taking photos using the camera.

After providing the information required for (using the first photo shown below as an example), the app will use the techniques mentioned above to give the matching dressing style and an example photo will be displayed on the screen.

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