A common everyday problem of not being able to choose the right outfit

What it does

It allows you to create and build outfits to be shared to friends so that they can give their opinions on it all on the website. You can also generate an outfit that is tailored to your interests

How I built it

Using the Django framework and an API we built a Social Media website that allows you to share and generate outfits

Challenges I ran into

Getting the API to work correctly, and storing user data like likes and dislikes on each post

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to generate outfits that the user would like based on their gender and preferences

What I learned

How to create a website with the Django framework and how to incorporate an API into the application

What's next for CLOTHE

Scaling the project and creating AI to generate outfits based on the person's interests and AR to display the outfit on the person

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