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The fashion industry is home to one of the biggest socio-economic problems. Many consumers are unaware of how their purchases feed into an inhumane cycle such as exploiting poor people for labor, environmental impact, and creative theft. Fashion is one of the most lucrative industries, yet only people at the top really see the profits, and garment workers typically don't even get a living wage. The change really starts at us consumers, so I wanted to create an aesthetic website where people could learn about the negative impacts of the fashion industry and encourage them to change their habits.

What it does

It's an easy to navigate website split into 3 pages. "Why Should I Care?", "What Can I Do?", and "Find Sustainable Brands." "Why Should I Care?" focuses on giving information about the fashion industry in a quick and easy concept. "What Can I Do?" focuses on providing solutions for those who want to lessen their fashion footprint. "Find Sustainable Brands" is essentially a catalogue where people can find ethical brands to shop from.

How I built it

I did all of my editing on Qoom using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also used GreenSock API to help with animations and structure.

Challenges I ran into

Even using the API, I had challenges formatting everything and getting things to work. Sometimes the animation wouldn't animate, everything would be skewed, or the elements wouldn't even show up on the website itself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of learning different things and experimenting with elements I have never experimented with before. This wasn't an easy project for me, but I'm glad to see it through.

What I'm learned

I learned how powerful and game-changing APIs can be in code. Before, I was too scared to use them as I didn't know how to really implement them.

What's next for Closet Conscious

I want to possibly add more pages or information. I also think there needs to be some touching up on some design aspects.

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