Why Closer

Our common goal was to bring opportunities to people with the right mindset. This small project itself is literally the product of our passion, we believe there are people who are equip with the right mindset but just unfortunately don’t have the right resources. So this is the reason why we wanted to build Closer Foundation, to essentially provide people the opportunity to learn and gain experience to prove themselves.

What we do

Closer solves SDG 8 (Quality work) and partially SDG 4 (Quality education). We do it in two parts, by providing a platform for people to up skill and prove themselves through real projects provided by real world companies.

We focus on the learning aspect, because that’s what differentiates us. We provide online courses, off-line support through community meetups, and also mentorship; a Closer Academy. Our services will be valuable for companies because our developers are trained by us, assuring quality and service provided. We are also able to source developers faster and cheaper.

Challenges we ran into

For Closer, we focus not only on the development of the technology, but also on the viability and sustainability of the business model itself; at Closer, we are looking to make long-term, sustained impact. One of the daunting challenge that we have ran into is the process of synthesizing a well-blended idea that is buttressed by a solid business model. Thus, it took us substantial amount effort and time to arrive at Closer as it is now.

What have we learned

Time management and coffee is the key to success.

What's next for Closer

We have already validated the core idea of Closer with a similar initiative that one of our member founded - the Closer Foundation, an organization that provides free full-stack coding bootcamps for the general public. Next, we plan to implement what we have built here to extend and scale the foundation by merging them into a single entity with a new scalable business model. Our immediate plan is to grow Closer here locally in Malaysia, and extend it abroad to Bangladesh simultaneously to address the impoverishing unemployment crisis of their country. At the same time, we will be broadening our course offerings to cover more subject matters so that it would not be restricted to tech alone.

The long-term goal would be the establishment of development nodes in countries around the world, empowering the undeserved demographics globally, and at the same time addresses the critical skilled labor shortage problem that employers increasing face.


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