The urge to do something new and revolutionary

What it does

It basically help farmers to increase their production of crop and enhance the entire mechanism of farming

How I built it

I built it using micro controllers with multiple sensors and also used android for mobile application development and JavaScript along with i applied machine learning to predict the future efficiency for the crop growth.

Challenges I ran into

there were several challenges faced during the making of the circuit. we faced some little problem while integrating of our android and javascript platform with the arduino as integrating of the three plaform and combining there data was a bit difficult

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i am very proud that i was able to finish my project on time and completed the whole woring circuitary for the same. moreover we are very proud of the teamwork as every member played their role with all the responsibility we a=were able to achieve our goals .

What I learned

i learned to work with new technology and i learned a lot about the technology we were working on. this hackathon i was able to groom my skills better.

What's next for Closed Loop Irrigation Solution for Farmers

to implement the same project on global scale so that all the farmer around the world could use and get an efficient solutions for growing of crops.

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