Recently I found out that my friend's older sister held the position I was aiming for. This made me realize how small the world is... Or more accurately how small MY world is. This made me realize how big the world was. We are missing out on so many could-be meaningful connections!

What it does

CloseConnect pairs you with people who live all over the world. This allows for people to tread out of their region and meet others who live in different worlds and to celebrate their different cultures and backgrounds. We have also implemented a list of topics that could be talked about just in case the conversation gets dry!

How we built it

We built the majority of the front-end using react.js, html5, and css3, we built the navigational bar with react-router-dom, and created alerts with reactjs-alert. On the other hand, we used firebase for the back-end database and log-in/log-out system.

Challenges we ran into

We had a plethora of installation issues, after that, we have a multitude of coding errors. One of our members was even sick! It is not great coding while constantly coughing every minute. :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a functional, interactive website that allows for people to chat online less than 48 hours!. This was the first time any of us touched a back-end database and a log-in/log-out system. Furthermore, this was half of our group's first Hackathon! We are proud to have made a completed product after a seemingly endless river of errors!

What we learned

We became more experienced with the fundamentals of react.js, learned a variety premade components, and we have learned how to create responsive, interactive websites. We also learned how to implement a log-in/log-out system as well as store id's in a database using firebase.

What's next for Close Connect

CloseConnect wants to implement an optional translation system that automatically translates the text to the preferred language. This would allow people who speak different languages to connect with each other when the translation is turned on, and it could act as practice for a secondary language when the translation is turned off. Furthermore, we want to add tags that show the preferences of each user, because we want to help people from different world's find people that share similar passions.

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