This project was inspired by the works of Kjetil Golid, Tyler Hobbs, and Anders Hoff. These artists use a combination of finely tuned settings and random noise to generate interactive, dynamic artwork.

What it does

Makes interesting images viewable as they render at localhost:9500

How I built it

This app was built with ClojureScript and run on WSL with Figwheel as an interoperability layer to dynamically update the web display as code changes. Random Perlin noise is used to dictate the movement of particles which trace across the screen to create the graphics.

Challenges I ran into

A lack of experience with pure side-effect free languages was quite a setback. I spent a deal of time figuring out sliding window list processing and proper debugging techniques.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that anything works at all, and that the resulting images are pleasant looking.

What I learned

Clojure, I went in with zero experience with the language and only minimal experience with lisps as a whole.

What's next for Clojure Drawings

Something dealing with recursion, neighbor detection, or transparency.

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