To link smart watches to smart home appliances

What it does

sends data from a smart clock through a remote server to a pebble watch

How we built it

we designed the clock with intel Edison using node.js, we then sent the info using a json file and had a pebble app pull the information from a remote jserver using bluetooth to connect to an internet capable device.

Challenges we ran into

originally wanted to do this with arduino which would have been simpler but we had no ethernet ports for it. we also originally planned on using AWS however they never responded to our applications and we were unable to utilize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

bridging so far of a gap as home appliances to smart watch

What we learned

We improved our skills, in web servers, Intel edison, pebble, json and nodejs

What's next for Clockey Mc'Clockface

we want to send data from the pebble back to the home appliance in order to control it. we would also like to migrate the server to AWS

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