What I learned

  • GPS tracking with Swift
  • Firebase database manipulation
  • Designing iOS app UI
  • And that we can build an app in a day! :D

What's next for Clocker

  • Refine the interface to make it more intuitive
  • Add more functionality for the database and geofencing
  • Come up with more features
  • Upload to the App Store


  • Facilitate employee check in by eliminating the need for physical check in
  • Ease of check in process
  • Automate employee work time calculation
  • Quick employer access to employee timesheets and work times

The App

  • Tracks the GPS location of the employee
  • Prompts a check in message when the user enters within a specified radius from the workplace
  • Prompts a check out message when the user leaves the workplace
  • Stores the time of user entering and exiting in a Firebase Database

User Interface

  • There are two user interfaces:
    • One for the employer
    • One for the employee
  • The employer UI allows them to view a table if their employees
  • The employee UI allows ease of check in and check out

Built With

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