As normal, everyday humans, we've had problems with setting multiple alarms to wake up, continuously pressing snooze and disappointing ourselves when we end up late to work or school for no reason. So, we did the natural thing and built an Android app.

What it does

The alarm is built with various annoying sounds, found by our own experiences, online research and polling members of our social media communities. It wakes you up at your specified time and makes your phone vibrate in a random pattern 50 times until you manage to turn it off (how intricate exactly really depends on how far we get in the next few hours). This could range from either inputting numbers to tapping repeatedly to turn it off to solving simple math equations.

How we built it

We primarily built it in Android Studio with the help of numerous Youtube tutorials. We downloaded sound clips using Chrome plugins, edited them to 45~ seconds each in audacity, and then added them into our program.

Challenges we ran into

Lots, and lots, and lots, and LOTS of bugs!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We'll see! Looks decent so far. We're happy that we might be able to annoy some people enough to where they wake up in the morning!

What we learned

All about Android studio/Github collaboration, especially as far as the different time picker and spinner modules.

What's next for ClockBlock

We would love to add in a feature that can tell where your bed is, so it won't leave you alone until you're out of your bedroom. It could conceivably be used to annoy someone until they literally get into their car and drive off every morning.

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